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HDB Plumbing Service

What is HDB?

HDB stand for HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT BOARD that takes care of public housing arrangement in Singapore.  They provide housing arrangements at reasonable and affordable prices for Singaporeans.

Not everybody can afford expensive houses as not everyone earns the same. But the basic necessities of everybody remain the same. Having a shelter to live under is the most basic necessity and therefore HDB provides homes at low prices.

Did you know?

80% of the people living in Singapore reside in flats by HDB and out of that 80%, 90% are proud owners of these homes.

Plumbing services for HDB

Every house needs plumbing services and HDB houses need these services on a large basis as there are a lot of houses involved. We, with years of experience, are well equipped with providing every service needed by our customers. We want to make plumbing services available with ease to each and every person who is in need of it. Let us have a look at the services that we provide for HDB housing systems:

  1. Toilet Bowl Choke repair

  2. Drain choke repair

  3. Clogged sink repair

  4. Leak and Water pipe repair

  5. Waterproofing services

  6. Water heater installation

  7. Toilet bowl installation

  8. Toilet flush installation

  9. Water tap repair and installation

The above mentioned services are a list of all the services we provide in HDB systems. We understand that each and every part of your house is important and therefore we provide plumbing services for all areas whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom. Pipes can be damaged anywhere in the house and so leakage can also happen anywhere. We also install PVC, copper and stainless steal pipes.

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Installation is a process of fixing your desired equipments at your desired place. We understand that in order to install a fixture, skilled pair of hands is needed and we provide the same. Every person who works with us and for us has been picked specifically keeping in mind the nature of work that he or she is supposed to do. Once you purchase the product with us, all you have to do is fix an appointment with us. Once the appointment is booked, one of our people will come to your house and install the fixtures. Don’t worry about the quality of neither the product nor the people who come to install it. They have been well trained and tested before being hired.


Everything in this world has an expiry date whether a non living thing or a living thing. When we talk about repair, we undertake repairs of any of the plumbing equipments. We have specialized personnel who have been trained in the repair area. Pipes, shower drains, bathtubs, toilet bowls and many more things are repaired by us. HDB housing system is the largest residential system in Singapore and we are proud to be able to cater to each and every plumbing requirement of these houses!

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