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About Us

About Us

We started out 10 years back with the hope and intention to ease the worries of our customers. Our one goal right from the beginning was to provide easy plumbing services for our customers. We are very open to changes in the style of working and therefore adapt easily to the ever changing work scenario. We have a team of highly trained and qualified personnel who are completely dedicated in giving the best services to our customers.

Why choose us?

Why shouldn’t you choose us? We provide the best prices and services in all the sectors of plumbing. We make your work easier by taking over installation and repair problems and guarantee best quality. Talk about any kind of leakages and we’re there in a phone call. We have skilled personnel who are always ready to serve you. Emergency Plumbing is one of our expertise. We understand how messy it can get when your house experiences water leakage issues or any kind of drain clog that may have occured due to which our team is always ready and at the go!

Our Experience

Since we are in the industry from about 10 years, we know what we do and understand our customers and their requirements completely. When we started out, plumbing equipment and customer requirements were completely different when compared to what it is today. But that change hasn’t affected our quality of work one bit. We aim to learn with time and apply that learning into our work.

We are Singapore’s leading plumbing service providers as we know about our product and understand each and every minute detail of installation and repair. We have been through the thick and thin of time and provide great value to our customers.

Our team

Our team consists of highly trained and skilled members. We conduct an in depth research about all our employees whether at the ground level or at high posts. Each member of our team has been handpicked by experts in order to satisfy our customers.

We believe in leading by example and have therefore gathered the best names who are highly efficient in delivering the best solutions for every problem. All our workers right from our repair and installation force up till our founding members are a bunch of hard working and dedicated professionals. We believe that it’s not the degree that matters but the constant hunger to innovate and create.

We have with us the best leaders who teach us new things each day.

Our Guarantee

When a customer buys a service from us, he expects quality of the product/service along with a guarantee that the product will last or the service will be punctual when they ask for it.

That’s our aim. That’s what we believe in! We believe in assuring our customers that we will be available whenever you are in need of a service or when you seek a product. We also help in handling quieries over the phone and also entertain online support system. You can rely on us when you face any kind of plumbing issues in your space. All you have to is call us and schedule an appointment. We’ll be there at the decided time and date!

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