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Choked Drain

What is a Choked Drain?

A choke in the drain is one of the most common problems that has either happened or will happen in a house. A well-kept drain is the most important part of a plumbing system as it is the drain that carries all the wastewater from the sink, the pipes, and all the other fixtures in your house. It would have been easier if there was only water that a drain was carrying but along with water comes a lot of waste that has either been accidentally flushed or intentionally put in the toilet bowl or the sink or even the bathtub.

How to avoid a choked drain?

The best and the only way to prevent a choke in your drainage system is to avoid putting foreign and hard objects into the drainpipes, sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, etc. Objects like hair, insoluble soap, sanitary napkins, and a lot more unbelievable things are flushed down the toilet bowl or the sinks and bathtubs as if there were no dustbins available! So if you want to save yourself from unnecessary troubles and expenses, stop littering your drainage systems.

Let’s have a look at a couple of ways in which you could try unclogging your drain before calling out for professional help.

  • Use a plunger and hope for the drain to get unclogged using its suction power. This is known to be helpful. You could also use a drain snake and pull out the clog effectively.
  • Try to dissolve or melt the clog. You could run down a pot of boiling water to dissolve the clog. Another way is to run white vinegar down your drain sp that the clog in your drain breaks down or looses enough to let a plunger unclog your drain.

Try these DIY methods at home and even then when there is no relief, reach out to us for our punctual and superb services.

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When should you call for a Plumber?

  1. Plunger becomes ineffective.

After having tried all kinds of DIY methods to unclog your drain and being unsuccessful in doing it, then comes the time when you need to desperately call a plumber.

Our efficient team of skilled personnel will be sent to your address as soon as you make the call and schedule an appointment.

  1. Water flooding.

Flooding is a clear indication of a screwed up drainage system. Overflow of water can result in a serious sewer drainage problem. What you consider a simple water overflow may be a severe drainage choke issue which needs immediate attention of a plumber.

  1. Repetitive drainage clogs.

When your drainage keeps getting choked at regular intervals, it is a sign that u may need the assistance of a skilled plumber who can repair it permanently.

  1. Do you hear those sounds?

A lot of times your drainage system will make sounds that you ignore. But if you continue to hear such noises, it is recommended to call a plumber and have it all checked before it becomes a major issue.

We provide the most effective and economic solutions to all your drainage choke issues. Contact us and avail all benefits!

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